GBM On Demand

Green Bay Metro and Via, a leader in public mobility solutions, have expanded microtransit service beginning on August  2, 2021.  This service complements the existing transit infrastructure with affordable, efficient and convenient shared rides near residential neighborhoods, key transit hubs, and designated commercial and medical destinations.  GBM On Demand marks the first Microtransit service in the state of Wisconsin, offering riders a glimpse into the next generation of public transportation.

Using the mobile app created by Via, GBM On Demand will connect multiple passengers traveling in the same direction. There is also a telephone number for residents without access to smartphones. A phone is available on all fixed route buses for scheduling On Demand trips. GBM On Demand benefits riders by allowing real-time booking and flexible travel around four service zones across the Greater Green Bay Community. The service also includes wheelchair-accessible vehicles. (Toggle on WAV in app or request via an agent. For addition assistance please contact Green Bay Metro at 920-448-3450).

This dynamic shared-transit solution is the same price as a traditional Green Bay Metro bus fare.  Riders can pay for a GBM On Demand day pass directly through the app with a credit card, cash, or use a Green Bay Metro day pass, weekly or monthly pass. Rides can be booked from zone to zone, within the same zone or between zone and transfer point of the same color. 

Zones 1-4:
Monday-Friday 5:15am-6:45pm
Saturday 7:45am-1:45pm 

All Zones (Including Zones 1-4)
Monday-Friday 6:45pm-11:30pm
Saturday 1:45pm-7:45pm

Instructions to Create an Account
Microtransit-Overview, Map & Hours (PDF)
Microtransit-Rules and Booking a Ride (PDF)

Micro Vehicle
iOS On Demand
Android On Demand
Micro Rules 6-23
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