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Energy Planning Community Survey (Residential)


  1. 1. Clean Energy Goals
  2. 2. Housing/Transportation
  3. 3. Energy Use
  4. 4. Demographics
  5. 5. Additional Comments
  • Clean Energy Goals

    1. Please share your views on Green Bay's clean energy goals and how the city can achieve those goals.
    2. In 2021, the City of Green Bay set an overarching goal to use 100% clean energy and be carbon neutral by 2050. What do you think of this goal?
    3. There are several ways to help meet the city's carbon neutrality goal. Please rate your support for the following possible future actions.
    4. Increase the share of the energy that the community uses that is generated by renewable resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric.
    5. Strengthen energy efficiency requirements for new homes, multifamily, and commercial buildings.
    6. Update existing buildings to save more energy.
    7. Educate the community about energy saving strategies.
    8. Offer financial support for residents to reduce their energy usage.
    9. Install additional electric vehicle charging stations in the city.
    10. Increase public transportation options and routes.
    11. Promote existing transit options to increase ridership.
    12. Develop additional infrastructure for pedestrian and bicycle transportation.
    13. Which of the following recent trends (in Green Bay and elsewhere) are concerning to you?

      Select all that are a concern.