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Fit in the Parks Proposals

  1. Class Information
  2. Are you available for 6 weeks? July 16 to August 23, 2018?*
  3. Does your class require equipment?*
  4. Will you be providing the equipment? *
  5. Are you interested in providing a FIT Kids class?
    5 Wednesdays during FIT in the Parks.
  6. Payment / Donation Information
    FIT in the Parks is a program that offers free Fitness classes to the Greater Green Bay Community. In order to successfully run this program, FIT in the Parks relies on community sponsorship and in-kind donations from local instructors.
  7. Are you interested in donating your time to instruct this class?*
    Please note: If you donate your time, you can promote your business or place of work (set up banner/table/booth/with information, provide giveaways, or coupons, etc.) at each FIT in the Parks class you teach.
  8. Are you interested in being a paid independent contractor?*
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