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Request Proclamation

  1. The Mayor’s desire is to support organizations and requests that your local cause or initiative directly impacts the City of Green Bay. Once submitted please allow two weeks for review of your completed application. 

    If you are also requesting the Mayor's appearance, please fill out the Request the Mayor's Appearance/Proclamation form instead of proceeding with this form. 

    Please only fill out the form below if you are only requesting a proclamation.

  2. Please include links to your organization's website and/or Facebook page. 

  3. For example: 

    "Walk for Humanity" 

    "Amazing People Week"

    "Green Bay Golf for Good" 

    "Love Awareness Month" 

  4. If you have a Word document or PDF document of the proclamation language, please copy / paste the text here or upload the document below.  *Please include the date, month, or year as it applies to your request.*

  5. Optionally, you may upload the Word or PDF document here. 

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