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Landlord / Tenant Complaint Form

  1. How Do We Contact You?
  2. Phone me between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at:
  3. Street Address
  4. Apt, Suite, Bldg. (optional)
  5. City
  6. State / Province / Region
  7. Postal / Zip Code
  8. Country
  9. What Individual or Business is Your Complaint Against?
  10. Street Address
  11. Apt, Suite, Bldg. (optional)
  12. City
  13. State / Province / Region
  14. Postal / Zip Code
  15. Country
  16. Information About Your Complaint
  17. Did you sign a written rental agreement or lease? (select one)
  18. Were you provided a copy of agreement or lease? (select one)
  19. How old is the person who entered into the agreement? (select one)
  20. Did you receive a check-in list?
  21. Did you receive a check-out list?
  22. Before you agreed to rent, were you promised repairs?
  23. Were the promises to make repairs put in writing?
  24. Were the repairs completed?
  25. Were the repairs completed by specified date?
  26. Has a building inspector ordered the landlord to make repairs?
  27. Did you notify the landlord you planned to move?
  28. Did you get a written statement accounting for the amounts withheld from your security deposit?
  29. Did the landlord or an employee enter without giving a 12-hour notice?
  30. Have you received a written eviction notice?
  31. This complaint and the information you provide will be used in efforts to resolve your problem and will typically be shared with the party complained against. It may also be used to enforce applicable state laws. Under Wisconsin’s Open Records Law, this complaint will be available for public review upon request, after this department’s action is completed. *
  32. The City of Green Bay takes all complaints seriously and will process your complaint in a timely fashion. Failure to disclose all required information will result in rejection of your complaint. If you have not received contact from the City of Green Bay within one month from the time of complaint, please follow up with the Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection at:
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    2811 Agriculture Drive
    PO Box 8911
    Madison, WI 53708-8911

    Email DATCP
    Toll-free in WI: 800-422-7128
    Fax: 608-224-4939
    TDD: 608-224-5058
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