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Business Security Plan

  1. Business Security Plan

    Thank you for your interest in obtaining an alcohol license from the City of Green Bay.  Running a tavern or restaurant can be very rewarding, but it also poses unique challenges that are not present in other types of businesses.  But you can succeed with the right preparation, plan and attitude.  A big factor unique to alcohol licensing is the extra state and local regulations placed upon the business owner.   

    The City of Green Bay asks licensees to provide a Security Plan to ensure they understand the laws surrounding alcohol licenses and any unique rules that apply to their specific business. 

    You will also be asked to complete a license stipulation agreement upon meeting with the community police officer.  A copy of the License Stipulation sets forth more requirements which are specific to your business.  The License Stipulation is a legally binding document which lays out certain duties and restrictions that are particular to your business, and it must be signed by you and your community police officer. The Police Department will be in contact with the agent to set up this meeting upon a licensee submitting a complete application to the Clerk’s Office. 

    The following security plan represents the Licensee’s anticipated operations and procedures.  It is a collection of guidelines that are not legally binding on the Licensee, but are intended to give the Police Department, Green Bay Common Council and the public a good picture of what the Licensee believes his or her business will look like and how it will operate.  While the Licensee will not receive any citations for deviating from this security plan, it is a good idea to follow these guidelines because the Council may consider during renewal time how closely you follow your plan.  If you deviate too far from your security plan and fail to update it at renewal time, it could adversely affect your license status.


    Celestine JeffreysCity Clerk

  2. Business Contact Information
  3. [enter agent’s name or “N/A”]

  4. to setup initial meeting with Police Department

  5. All legal communication and renewal notices will be sent to this address. Renewal notices from Inspections will be mailed in January. Renewal notices from the Clerk's Office will be mailed in March. 

  6. Enter capacity, determined by fire code.

  7. Enter if private parking lot included in business or if public parking is used; if private, include size, number of spots and location in relation to building; if public, include how Licensee intends to monitor patrons as they leave premises.

  8. Include any improvements to property that are active and needed prior to opening location. A waiver must be requested if anticipated opening date is more than 60 days from granting date.

  9. Enter outdoor areas that are part of your license premises including Click n' Collect. Pictures are also required for an out area. 

  10. If you license premises includes outdoor areas. 

  12. Are You Part of The Brown County League?
  13. Number of staff on hand at certain times of operation; prior staff experience; how many bartenders/bar staff/etc. on during peak hours; staff training; whether requiring NWTC training course or operator’s license for all or just some staff; other training focused on catching U/A persons, identifying intoxicated persons, etc.

  14. Number of staff on hand at certain times of operation; prior staff experience; how many bouncers/etc. on during peak hours; staff training; whether attending Professional Communications course offered by PD; other training focused on catching U/A persons, identifying intoxicated persons, etc.

  15. Describe what type of music, food, entertainment, amusement devices, and clientele Licensee will promote or focus on.

  16. Describe dress code, and restrictions on access for those who violate dress code, plan on how to handle anyone who argues about dress code.

  17. If applicable, describe “Other”.

  19. Where the alcohol will be on the sales floor and how will it be locked up after hours (if applicable).

  20. Operations:
  23. How will this business may impact the neighbors and how does Licensee intend to reduce any negative impact which may result?

  24. How will this business may impact police services and how does Licensee intend to reduce any negative impact which may result?

  25. How will this business will ensure compliance with city ordinances, state statutes and state administrative code?

  27. I understand that liquor/beer license renewal applications are due April 15 of every year, regardless of when license was initially granted. *
  28. I understand that prior to appearing before the Protection & Policy Committee Meeting I first must meet Green Bay Police Department to review the business security plan.*
  29. I intend to operate under the new alcohol license within 60 days of the Common Council granting this license. If it is more than 60 days, it is my responsibility to reach out to the Clerk’s Office to request an extension. *
  30. I understand that prior to being issued a liquor license, I must pay the appropriate fees and call (920)448-3300 to schedule and pass an Inspections. *
  31. I understand that I should reach out to the Brown County Health Department at (920) 448-6400 and the Green Bay Assessor’s Office at (920) 448-3066 or to inform them I am applying for a new liquor license.*
  32. Once issued, I understand that any changes to my liquor license should be communicated to the Clerk’s Office at (920) 448-3010 or to determine any additional steps. *
  33. (For Class B Reserve Licensees Only) I understand a municipality may not rebate or refund the initial issuance fee of a reserve “Class B’ License (including through any grant or tax credit program). The reserve license is also not transferrable and should I surrender my license to another legal entity, the new legal entity must apply for an available or reserve liquor license)
  34. By signing below, I agree that the security plan set forth above accurately represents my policies, procedures, and goals in running my business.
  36. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.

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