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  1. Landlord / Tenant Complaint Form
  1. Public Records Request

    To obtain copies or inspection of public records.


  1. Board / Commission / Committee Member Application

    If you would like to sit on a board, commission, or committee for the City of Green Bay, please fill out this application.

  2. Contact the Mayor

    Have a question or concern? Contact the Mayor through this and he will get back to you!

  1. Bridge Lighting Application

    If you would like to request that the downtown bridge LED lighting are specific colors for your event, please fill out this... More…

  2. Request the Mayor's Appearance

    Fill out the form to request for the Mayor's attendance.

Metro Transit

  1. ADA Paratransit Form
  2. Service Comments

    Do you have a comment regarding our bus services? Please fill out this form!

  1. Request for Bus Passes

    When purchasing multiple passes, please complete the following online form. Allow at least 24 hours during business days to process... More…

  2. Title VI Complaint Form

Municipal Court

  1. Extension for Payments

    You may request an extension to pay your debt, if you cannot pay your forfeiture in full by the due date. Requests for extensions must... More…

  2. Request to Reopen Case

    To request a reopening of your case or cases, you must request the reopening in writing to the City of Green Bay Municipal Court. You... More…

  1. Plea Request

    This may be your first visit to this Court. It is our desire that you be fully advised of your rights and the Court’s procedures. You... More…

Parks, Recreation & Forestry

  1. Add a Player
  2. Individual Player Information

    If you are an individual interested in joining a team, please fill out the "Individual Player Information" form. If the need arises,... More…

  3. Remove a Player
  1. Fit in the Parks Proposals
  2. New Learners Ballet Registration Form
  3. Table Tennis League Registration Form

Public Arts Commission

  1. Call for Creative Talent

    Thank you for your interest in working with the City of Green Bay Public Arts Commission (GBPAC).

Public Works

  1. Overnight Parking Request Form

    Fill out this form if you are going to park on the street overnight in the City of Green Bay.

  1. Trash and Recycling Cart Order Form

    You must be the owner of the home or property to order a trash or recycling cart.