What do I do with plastic bags?

Plastic bags are highly recyclable, but not through your curbside program. The Tri-County Recycling Facility is not designed to for plastic bags, the bags can get stuck and wrapped around machinery during the sorting process causing the entire system to be shut down to be repaired.

NexTrex Program 

June 1-December 1, 2021: The City of Green Bay is participating in NexTrex® Recycling Challenge! NexTrex plastic recycling bins are located at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Center and Observation Building as well as City Hall. View the NexTrex Recycling Program Flyer (PDF) or visit the NexTrex website for information about this program.

Other Alternative

Please take your plastic bags, wraps and other film plastics to a local retail or grocery store to be recycled. You can find a list of sites that accept plastic bags by entering your zip code at the Plastic Film Recycling website.

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