How old does my child have to be to be able to swim alone?

Patrons need to be 8 years old to be admitted without an adult. All children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult or responsible sibling (15 and older).

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1. How old does my child have to be to be able to swim alone?
2. Do I have to pay if I’m only going to watch my children?
3. How many family members are allowed on a family pool pass?
4. What is the water depth at each pool?
5. Can I bring in my own chairs and are strollers allowed in the pool area?
6. Can I bring my own water bottles into the pool area?
7. What is the length of Colburn Pool?
8. Is lap swimming allowed? Is there a special time for lap swimming?
9. What is the temperature of the pools?
10. How do I receive a resident discount?
11. Are t-shirts allowed? Shorts?
12. What is the policy on closing due to inclement weather during open swim times?
13. Can people wear life-saving devices or floating devices?
14. Can seeing-eye dogs be admitted into the pool area?
15. Can I write a check?
16. What is the height requirement for the slides?
17. Can I bring a birthday cake into the pool?
18. Can an adult ride with a child on the slide?
19. Can a child be less than the required height to ride the slide with an adult?
20. What if I find a lost item?
21. How much does a locker cost?
22. Are water shoes allowed in the pool?