How do I know if I need another permit within the City of Green Bay?
  • If you plan to have alcohol at your event, it must be included on your application and you must apply for a Picnic Permit through the Clerks Department. 
  • If you are having your event in a parking lot, you may need a Temporary Use Permit. Please call (920)-448-3006 for clarification. 
  • If you plan to have amplified sound outside of the approved ordinance (7am – 10pm) then you must contact our Green Bay Police Department for a Noise Permit at (920) 448-3217. 
  • If you plan to use tents you may need a Tent Permit from the Department of Community and Economic Development. Review the Tent Permit Guide (PDF).
  • MEMBRANE STRUCTURES ONLY / (not open tents) 
    • You will be erecting a tent/membrane structure over 400 sq. ft. (Permit Required) 
  • OPEN TENTS ONLY (if you meet any of the following) 
    • You will be erecting an open tent over 700 sq. ft. (Permit Required) 
    • You will be erecting smaller open tents directly adjacent to each other where the aggregate area of the smaller tents erected is greater than 700 sq. ft. and there is no 1ft. separation distance to the front or rear of them from an adjacent structure and/or other tents. (Permit Required) 
    • You will be erecting separated open tents where the aggregate area is greater than 700 sq. ft. This layout requires a minimum 12 ft. separation distance between them and other tents and/or structures. (Permit Required) 
    • You will be utilizing electricity in the tent or for the event. (Permit Required) 
    • Please see the Tent Permit Guide (PDF) for specifics and contact information.

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1. How do I know if I need another permit within the City of Green Bay?
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