How will district policing affect me and my family?

The Green Bay Police Department has developed this strategy to provide better, more efficient service. It is our hope that by reorganizing and allocating our resources in a more efficient way, we can provide better, more personal service to the community.


  • Officers should be more familiar with the areas they patrol
  • Citizens should have an increased familiarity with the officers who patrol their neighborhood
  • Police will detect problems and crime patterns and trends more quickly
  • Officers should have more time to engage in proactive patrol, rather than simply respond to calls

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1. Exactly what is district policing?
2. How will district policing affect me and my family?
3. How were/are the district boundaries determined?
4. How will the community policing officers be affected?
5. How can I find out what district I live in?
6. What’s the best way for me to contact the police?
7. If I am reporting an incident from a location other than where it occurred, who should I call?
8. If one district has a large festival or event, will this draw police resources from my neighborhood?