What types of improvements are eligible?

The Commercial Façade Grant Program may reimburse costs for eligible projects that restore or enhance the facades of commercial properties. The minimum project cost is $15,000. Proposed building materials shall be especially durable, be of higher quality, and compliment the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood or district. 

Eligible improvements include:

• Commercial windows and doors that allow for visibility both into the building and out to the street

• Restoration or preservation of historical or architecturally significant features

• Restoration of masonry, brick, wood, or glass

• New siding and masonry/brick

• Storefront redesign

• Murals or permanent art fixtures

• Exterior lighting

• Awnings

• Unique, high-quality signs (must be a minor component of a larger overall façade enhancement project)

• Patio features such as fencing, wall lighting, canopies, and pavers

• Design fees for hired architect (project must be implemented)

• Green façade treatment that is permanent and fixed to the building

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