Inspections and Enforcement



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bablitch, Matt Building Inspector 920-448-3312  
Cormier, Rob Commercial Building Inspector 920-448-3304  
Davister, Kevin Electrical Inspector 920-448-3309  
Fenlon, Pat Electrical Inspector 920-448-3307  
Keeler, Nathan Compliance Inspector 920-448-3402  
Kurowski, John Compliance Inspector 920-448-3306  
Meves, Tim Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3331  
Nelson, Scott Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3310  
O'Connor, Pete Site Plan Administrator / Building Inspector 920-448-3295  
Paape, Bill Housing & Zoning Enforcement Supervisor 920-448-3315  
Rosenthal, Donna Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3313  
Skogg, Pete Plumbing/Heating Inspector 920-448-3297  
Stubble, Jason City Sealer, Weights and Measures 920-448-3413  
Van Calster, Paul Chief Building Official 920-448-3299  
Van De Wettering, Mike Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3296  
Wasilewski, Erik Building Inspector 920-448-3314  
Zaspel, Bob Residential Housing Investigator 920-606-3676