Community & Economic Development


100 N Jefferson Street
Room 608
Green Bay, WI 54301


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Name Title Email Phone
Renier-Wigg, Cheryl Assistant Development Director 920-448-3412
Vonck, Kevin Development Director 920-448-3395

Brown County Housing Authority (Section 8) 


Community Investment (Neighborhood Services) 

Name Title Email Phone
Cisneroz, Krista Community Development Specialist, CDBG 920-448-3404
Crummy, Eric Compliance Inspector 920-448-3306
King, Kevin Neighborhood Development and Home Improvement Loan 920-448-3402
Meves, Tim Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3331
Nelson, Scott Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3310
Paape, Bill Neighborhood Development Manager 920-448-3315
Peters, William Neighborhood Support Specialist 920-448-3150
Rosenthal, Donna Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3313
Seidl, Brenda Housing/Zoning Inspector 920-448-3296
Zaspel, Bob Residential Housing Investigator 920-606-3676

Development Services (Planning & Development) 

Name Title Email Phone
Buck, David Planner II, Long-Range Planning 920-448-3411
Cormier, Rob Building Inspector 920-448-3304
Davister, Kevin Electrical Inspector 920-448-3309
Hummel, Stephanie Planner I, Physical Planning 920-448-3424
Krueger, Steve Electrical Inspector 920-448-3307
Lockery, Bill Principal Planner and Building Inspections Manager 920-448-3407
Martell, Paul Building Inspector 920-448-3312
Neumeyer, Paul Senior Planner/Zoning Administrator 920-448-3405
Rothmeier, Chad Building Inspector, Front Counter and Permitting 920-448-3314
Roznik, Erin Design Specialist 920-448-3305
Skogg, Pete Plumbing/Heating Inspector 920-448-3297
Sladky, Jason Plumbing/Heating Inspector 920-448-3298
Stubble, Jason City Sealer, Weights and Measures 920-448-3413
Terrien, Steve Building Inspector 920-448-3295
Van Calster, Paul Plan Review Administrator 920-448-3299

Economic Opportunity 

Name Title Email Phone
Buchanan, Matthew Development Specialist 920-448-3396
Rovinski, Ken Real Estate Specialist 920-448-3354
Schley, Laura Public Arts Coordinator 920-448-3142
Townsend, Wendy Project and Program Manager 920-448-3086

General Inspections 


Link: Inspections Page

General Planning & Neighborhoods 

100 N Jefferson St
Green Bay, WI 54301


Link: Planning Page

Green Bay Housing Authority 


Link: Green Bay Housing Authority Page

Link: Community and Economic Development Page

Name Title Email Phone
Schmidt, David Building Services Coordinator 920-492-3790
Krautkramer, Karen Clerk Typist III 920-492-3790
Minix, Jeff Building Custodian I    
Schmutzer, Stephanie Senior Accountant 920-448-3409
Valentine, Jayme Senior Property Manager 920-492-3790
Vang, Ka Resident Services Coordinator 920-492-3792

Mason Manor 

1424 Admiral Court
Green Bay, WI 54303



Link: Mason Manor Page

Business Hours
Monday to Thursday
7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

7 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Vang, Ka Residents Services Coordinator 920-492-3792

Link: Community and Economic Development Page

Name Title Email Phone
Bergelin, Lisa Administrative Assistant 920-448-3403
Deal, Jessica Administrative Clerk 920-448-3400
Kielar, Yvonne Administrative Clerk 920-448-3300
Ouradnik, Dawn Administrative Clerk 920-448-3300