Contesting a Citation

A parking citation must be contested within 30 days of citation issue date. The registered owner of the vehicle must request the necessary paperwork by telephone (920-448-3431) or by email (  After the registered owner completes the paperwork, it can be scanned and emailed to the above email address with a copy of the owner's driver's license, or it can be dropped off in our drop box located at the back of Green Bay City Hall, 100 N. Jefferson Street, Green Bay, WI 54301 labeled "Public Works/Parking Tickets".  This paperwork (completed contestation document and copy of owner's driver's license) must be received by our office via email or via drop box within the 30-day contestation period.

The Parking Division will notify the registered owner of the date and time they must "appear" for the pretrial conference with the City Attorney.  These are being handled telephonically at this time due to the pandemic.

If you fail to "appear" (by answering your telephone at the number you provided to us on your contestation form) on the assigned date and time, you will automatically be found guilty and court costs will be added to the parking citation.

Pretrial conferences are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

Please contact us at (920) 448-3431 if you have any questions.