State Debt Collection (SDC)

The State of Wisconsin has developed a second debt program designed to assist agencies in collection of money owed to them.  2009 Wisconsin Act 28 authorizes the State Debt Collection (SDC) program allowing state agencies to partner with the Department of Revenue (DOR) in collection of debt to enhance current collections operations.

Green Bay Municipal Court uses the SDC program for older debts, debts that are considered uncollectable in TRIP, and/or debt that remains after the driver's license suspension time has run (1 year). If you were a juvenile at the time a citation was issued, we can send your unpaid debt to SDC once you reach the age of 18 years of age. It is a more aggressive debt collection program than TRIP.

A delinquent collection fee of 15% of the unpaid balance or $35.00, whichever is greater, will be added to your account. Collection action may include one or all for the following, some of which will result in additional fess being added to your account:

  • Interception of your Wisconsin Tax Refunds;
  • Attachment of wages or other compensation being paid to you;
  • Garnishment, seizure or levy against your property, including bank accounts and IRA' s; and Filing a delinquent tax warrant with the Clerk of Courts in the county in which you reside and/or property. This warrant will act as judgment and lien on any real and personal property that you own and may affect your credit rating.

SDC program will collect monies on the unpaid fine on our behalf until it’s paid in full.

Also, once we send you to the SDC program, we cannot collect any monies on your behalf in our office.   All payments must be arranged with State of Wisconsin-SDC program.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF WE ARE SENDING YOUR DEBT TO THE SDC PROGRAM: You will receive a letter from us giving you 60 days to pay the fine and if you don't pay the fine within 60 days of the date of that letter, we will then refer you to a DOR (Department of Revenue) agent for collection action.

For more information pertaining to SDC, please call (608) 264-0345 or go to SDC FAQs.

To create a My Tax Account login and make SDC payment go to SDC Payment w/ login.

To make a payment without a My Tax Account login go to SDC Payment without login