Field Trips / Groups

2019 STEM Day

This year STEM Day will be any day during the week starting Tuesday, May 21, 2019. This is an opportunity for students to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion, Momentum, and Energy Transformations as well as the dynamics of physics that make amusement park rides fun. All tickets will need to be purchased for students to go on rides.


If you are having your event catered, you must choose a caterer from the Preferred Caterer's List (PDF).  Bay Beach also offers items that we will deliver to your picnic area.  If you have any questions, you can call 920-448-3365.

Renting a Shelter

We have 6 shelters, 2 picnic areas, and a Dance Hall available to rent.  Groups do not have to rent a shelter, but picnic tables are on a first come basis. You can call 920-448-3365 to make reservations or reserve online.  Shelter Rentals available

RV or Bus Parking

We have established a parking lot for RV and Bus Parking to make it easier for entering and exiting the park. Buses are allowed to drop off and/or pickup your passengers at the main pavilion.  Parking Map

Ticket Purchase

If you are looking to pre-order 400 or more tickets, please call us at 920-448-3365.  Tickets may be picked up prior to or the day of your event. We're sorry, tickets cannot be mailed.