Lifeguard Training

Resch pool lifeguard

Do you want to be a lifeguard at Colburn Pool, Joannes Aquatic Center or Resch Aquatic Center?  Apply online today!  Any candidate who passes the traditional interview and in-water skills test (see details below) will be considered for employment.  If you are offered a lifeguarding position, we will provide the necessary training for you to become a certified lifeguard.  A lifeguarding certification includes Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid and AED.  This training will be provided free of charge to all eligible employees.

At this time, we are not offering any Lifeguard Training Courses to the public.  Please check back with us in the future to see if these classes have been added.  For any other questions, please give us a call at (920)448-3365 or e-mail the Aquatics Supervisor

The following are the qualifications to enter the Lifeguard Training Course. All skills must be completed in a satisfactory manner to continue in the course.

  • Swim 300 yards continuously, using each of the following strokes:
  • Front crawl using rhythmic breathing and stabilizing, propellant kick;
  • Breaststroke using rhythmic breathing; and
  • *There is no time requirement; however, the 300 yards must be continuous – no walking on the bottom or stopping at the side of the pool.
  • Swim 20 yards front crawl or breaststroke, dive to a depth of 7 to 10 feet, retrieve a 10-lb object, return it to the surface, swim 20 yards back to the starting point and exit the water without using a ladder or steps within 1 minute, 40 seconds.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs.