Monthly Parking

For downtown residents and employees, purchasing monthly parking in a parking ramp is the most convenient and economical solution available. You may purchase a parking permit for City-owned surface lots and ramps.


The monthly rates are as follows. Additional discounted incentives apply for groups of 50 or more. See our map (PDF) for locations:

  • Cherry Street Ramp = $84.72/month (tax included)
  • Main Street Ramp = $73.74/month (tax included)
  • Pine Street Ramp = $73.74/month (tax included)
  • Lot E = $51.38/month (tax included)
    • East side, northeast corner of Stuart and South Jefferson Streets, behind the YWCA
    • Please Note:  Lot E will be closed for public parking beginning January 1, 2024.
  • Lot F = $36.71/month (tax included)
    • West side, behind the Old Fort Square complex, 300 North Broadway
  • Lot MM = $51.38/month (tax included)
    • East side, corner of Main Street and Monroe Avenue

Pass Information

All Monthly Passes:

  • Ramp passes will only work in the ramp to which they are assigned.  Physical passes are not required in surface lots.
  • Pass "readers" are mounted to each Entry Column (on the ticket spitter) and on each Exit Column (by the exit gates)
  • Gates will be down 24/7/360 (gates will be up only on major holidays)
  • Hold passes against the reader
  • Do not punch holes in passes
  • Replacement passes = $20
  • Pass needs to be scanned both entering and exiting every time, even if gates are up
    • Failure to do so will result in "Passback" and the gates WILL NOT OPEN
      • When Passback occurs at entry:
        • Pull entrance ticket
        • Verify that your monthly payment has been made and the pass is active
        • If it is a Corporate pass, contact your administrator
      • When Passback occurs at exit, the parker must pay for their parking
        • Pay with Debit/Credit card in the exit lane (not American Express)
        • Press Lost Ticket button
        • Insert Debit/Credit card (not American Express)
        • Press Receipt button
        • Note: Green Bay Parking will only refund if pass failure was our error, i.e. Parking failed to turn a pass on
        • No refunds will be issued for user error
  • If a monthly parker forgets their pass and wishes to pay with cash
    • Visit a Pay-on-Foot kiosk prior to going to vehicle and follow instructions posted inside
    • $20 bill is max accepted; change returned in $1 coins