Monthly Parking

For downtown residents and employees, purchasing monthly parking in a parking ramp is the most convenient and economical solution available. If interested in purchasing a monthly parking pass, bring completed form (PDF) to Parking Office.


The monthly rates are as follows. Additional discounted incentives apply for groups of 50 or more. See our map (PDF) for locations:

  • Cherry Street Ramp = $73.50/month
  • Main Street Ramp = $64/month
  • Pine Street Ramp = $64/month
  • Lot B = $16.40/month
    • West side, off Broadway under Tillemann Bridge
  • Lot E = $44.50/month
    • East side, northeast corner of Stuart and South Jefferson Streets, behind the YWCA
  • Lot F = $31.70/month
    • West side, behind the Old Fort Square complex, 300 North Broadway

Pass Information

All Monthly Passes:

  • Passes will only work in the Ramp they are assigned
  • Pass "readers" are mounted to each Entry Column (on the ticket spitter) and on each Exit Column (by the exit gates)
  • Gates will be down 24/7/360 (gates will be up only on major holidays)
  • Hold passes 1 to 2 inches away from the reader
  • Do not punch holes in passes
  • Replacement passes = $20
  • Pass needs to be scanned both entering and exiting every time, even if gates are up
    • Failure to do so will result in "Passback" and the gates WILL NOT OPEN
      • When Passback occurs at entry:
        • Pull entrance ticket
        • Verify that your monthly payment has been made and the pass is active
        • If it is a Corporate pass, contact your administrator
      • When Passback occurs at exit, the parker must pay for their parking
        • Pay with Debit/Credit card in the exit lane
        • Press Lost Ticket button
        • Insert Debit/Credit card
        • Press Receipt button
        • Note: Green Bay Parking will only refund if pass failure was our error, i.e. Parking failed to turn a pass on
        • No refunds will be issued for user error
  • If a monthly parker forgets their pass and wishes to pay with cash
    • Visit a Pay-on-Foot kiosk prior to going to vehicle and follow instructions posted inside
    • $20 bill is max accepted; change returned in $1 coins