No visit to Bay Beach Amusement Park would be complete without a few treats. Stop by one of our snack and refreshment stands to give you a little pick me-up during your day.
  1. Concession Stand
  2. Bay Beach Grill
  3. Main Pavilion
  4. Midway Snacks

At our concession stands, we offer the area's best cotton candy as well as other snack and drink items

Ice Cream Novelties
Strawberry Shortcake
Ice Cream Sandwich
Malt Cup
Sour Patch Kids Bar
Hello Kitty
Luigi's Ice (Lemon or Cherry)

Snack Items
Cotton Candy$2.00
Family Popcorn$3.75
Sno-Cone (Grape, Orange, Cherry, Blue Raspberry)$1.50
Slush Puppie (Cherry, Blue Raspberry)$2.00
Top N Go (Fritos or Doritos)$3.50
Hot Dogs$2.25

Cold Drinks
Kids Soda$1.10
Medium Soda$1.30
Large Soda$1.50
Souvenir Mug$7.50
Mug Refill$1.00
(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Sierra Mist, Pink Lemonade)

Ingredients and Allergens

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