Single Trip Application / Permit

A Single Trip Application/Permit (PDF), also known as an Oversize-Overweight Application/Permit, is required for any load transported on any street within the City limits of Green Bay which exceeds statutory weight or dimension limits, even if another permit such as a State or County permit has already been issued. By granting this permit, the applicant is given permission to transport an oversize-overweight load on the designated route under the restrictions set forth on the permit document.

Instructions for a Single Trip Application / Permit

Prior to approval of any permit, it is the responsibility of the applicant to:

  • Propose a route through the City of Green Bay on the application. Before submitting your application, please check that either a part of your route or the origin/destination is within our City limits by review of this map (PDF).  The Department of Public Works (DPW) - Traffic Division will review the proposed route and may assist the mover in determining the best and shortest route. If the approved route affects other transportation agencies such as Brown County Highway Department or the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Works-Traffic Division will refer the mover to those agencies as they have a separate permitting process.
  • Arrange and pay all costs for temporary removal of obstructions along the approved route which will impede safe and expedient movement of the load through the City Obstructions include but are not limited to street signs, traffic signal equipment, street lights, sign bridges, overhead communication/phone cables, fiber optic cables, cable television wires, overhead power lines, and trees/foliage. If there are City-owned items which must be moved, the applicant may be required to post a surety bond in the estimated amount of the City’s cost to assist with the move.
  • Provide complete and correct information on the permit application form.
  • Submit a legible profile drawing of the load/vehicle/trailer assembly identifying all axle spacing and axle loading information, if requested
  • Maintain a current insurance certificate with the City of Green Bay - Risk Management Department. Please email certificate directly to
  • Keep a copy of the approved permit in the cab of the towing vehicle during all times of transport
  • Adhere to the route approved on the permit
  • Abide by all other restrictions placed on the move as noted on the permit
  • Please note that all state and federal highways within the City of Green Bay except Interstates 41 and 43 are under the permitting authority of Green Bay Public Works. If your proposed route includes any state or federal highways within our City, then please list those streets in the “Actual Route” field on the application. Brown County highways (lettered routes, not numbered) within our City are under the jurisdiction of the Brown County Highway Department. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact any other agencies that may require an oversize-overweight permit on their highways.

Submitting the Permit

All Single Trip Applications/Permits (PDF) shall be completed and submitted to the Department of Public Works Traffic Division for approval at least 3 business days prior to the requested move date. Information requested on the permit application form shall be provided for every load, regardless of the complexity of the load. If the load being transported is a structure, the City of Green Bay reserves the right to view the structure on dollies or other means of transport prior to approving the permit. 

This permit may be extended 1 time by permission of the City of Green Bay with at least 3 business days advance notice.

Ways to Submit

The completed application form in fillable PDF format shall be submitted by email to:

Ensure that you type your name in the applicant field and "Save As" so that the fillable fields remain open for any adjustments the reviewing engineer needs to make.

Additional Information

If you have any questions please call 920-448-3100.