Annual Grant Program

The Promotion of Art

The Annual Grant Program’s (AGP) purpose is to help fund public art works, art performances, and events that promote and / or employ public art. Projects can be temporary or permanent.


The AGP can fund up to 50% of any type of public art pursuit up to $1,500. Awarded funds are available for use up to one year from award date. The artist(s) / applicant(s) who are seeking funding are expected to create a budget for their project and raise part of the costs on their own.

Items Funded

The Public Arts Commission Annual Grant program funds:

  • Artist’s Fees
  • City-Related Expenses Such as Street Closures
  • Legally Required Royalties
  • Marketing Costs
  • Police / Fire Protection
  • Production Expenses
  • Purchase of Expendable Supplies
  • Required Insurance
  • Space Rental

Items Not Funded

The Annual Grant program does not fund:

  • Debts Incurred for Past Activities
  • Permanent Equipment
  • Prizes or Awards
  • Refreshments
  • Scholarships
  • Travel Outside Green Bay
  • Tuition


For further information on the program and details on how to apply (addresses for mailing are included on the forms), please review the guidelines