Public Arts Commission

About the Commission

The Commission promotes the performing and visual arts along with the humanities in Green Bay through grants and support.   

  • How appointed: appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council
  • Number of members: 5 members, including one alder, with a preference of those involved in visual arts, performing arts and the humanities; plus 3 liaisons
  • Length of terms: 36 months

Public art enhances the beauty of Green Bay's public buildings and spaces.

The Green Bay Public Arts Commission (GBPAC) promotes the performing and visual arts along with the humanities in Green Bay through grants and support.

Mural titled Ripple, located on the House of Homebrew comprised of yellow, red, dark blue, teal, and

Ripple, 2018. Created through the partnership between On Broadway Inc. and the City of Green Bay. Completed by local residents during Better Block located on Dousman.

Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

The Public Arts Commission meets at 8:00 AM on the fourth Wednesday of each month at City Hall in Room 604 - The Harry Maier Room. 100 North Jefferson Street. Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Term Start
Term end
Alex ZacariasJune 2017
September 2024
Katie RiesOctober 2021September 2024
Michelle WinterJanuary 2024September 2025
Beth Kowalski - LiaisonSeptember 2017September 2024

Chuck YangFebruary 2021February 2027
Rissel Peguero Almonte - LiaisonJune 2021April 2026
Timothy Perlewitz - LiaisonApril 2022March 2025
Alder Brian JohnsonApril 2022Term in Office
Sadie Wilson
June 2023May 2025

GBPAC focuses on the creation and preservation of public art within Green Bay, and ensuring equal access for all to enjoy and engage with public art. The GBPAC exists to fund artistic activities and support cultural programs that integrate and advance arts and culture as an essential part of life in Green Bay.

Public art is any art form that is readily available for the public and is unimpeded by barrier or entry. Public art includes work on both public or private property and can be permanent or temporary.

The GBPAC promotes the arts, culture, and creative identity of Green Bay through several ventures including but not limited to the Rotating Art Program, art grants, and permanent public art projects, and art opportunities. Please see our left-hand navigation for more on these programs and how to apply for them.