Housing Services

Green Bay Housing Authority & Brown County Housing Authority 

Please know that there are 2 different housing programs in Green Bay: Green Bay Housing Authority (GBHA) and Brown County Housing Authority (BCHA).   The difference between both programs is that the Green Bay Housing Authority owns and manages their own units (please see the information below).  An interested applicant would have to apply to live in one of those units to receive housing assistance/subsidized rent.  If the housing participant were to leave or want to move out of Green Bay, then he/she cannot take the housing assistance with him/her.  On the other hand, the Brown County Housing Authority does NOT own any housing units.  This program issues vouchers that assist participants with rent payments.  A housing voucher participant would be required to find housing through privately owned rental properties where the landlord is willing to accept the housing voucher payment along with the housing requirements.  Also a participant with a housing voucher can move to different states and take the voucher with him/her.  Please know that the housing vouchers cannot be used within the Green Bay Housing Authority’s programs.  Both housing programs are low income through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) so an interested individual can only participate in one program or the other. 

Green Bay Housing Authority 

Green Bay Housing Authority administers 2 housing programs:

  • Mason Manor - for single individual housing (8 story apartment complex consisting of 1 or 2 bedroom units)
  • Scattered Sites - for family housing (48 single family homes/duplexes throughout the city of Green Bay only)

For more information please contact Ka Vang at (920) 492-3792 or Kaycee Champasak at (920) 492-3790.

Brown County Housing Authority - Integrated Community Solutions (ICS)

Brown County Housing Authority administers the following programs through Integrated Community Solutions (ICS):

  • Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Program
  • Owner-Occupancy Program

For more information please call the Integrated Community Solutions (ICS) at (920) 498-3737.  Their main office is located at 2605 S. Oneida Street Suite#106, Green Bay, WI 54304.


Our main office located at 1424 Admiral Court, Green Bay, WI 54303 is now OPEN!  Please know that an individual will be required to wear a face mask or face shield if he/she is entering the office for in person assistance.  As a reminder, the Mason Manor building is a locked and secured building so you will have to call the main office at (920) 492-3790 if you would like to meet with a staff member in person.  If you plan to stop by, then please make sure you park within the Visitor's Parking lot that is located behind the building (parking lot closest to the high school).  Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 7AM to 4PM.  We are not open on the weekends!  

*SUMMER HOURS- please know that currently between Memorial Day and Labor Day our business hours are DIFFERENT from the normal business hours mentioned above.  Summer business hours are Monday-Thursday 7AM to 4PM and Friday 7AM to 11AM.