An eligible contractor must be licensed in the State of Wisconsin.

Lead Certifications

All contractors must be certified and comply with Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter HFS 163. Contractors must meet the definitions describing “Lead-Abatement Supervisor, Workers, and Companies”, HFS 163.03 (64),(65) and (66). Certifications must be current and comply with HFS 163.10, and work practices absolutely must comply with HFS 163.14, EPA, and OSHA.

Insurance Requirement

Commercial General Liability Insurance on an “Occurrence Basis” with limits of liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and/or aggregate combined single limit, Personal Injury, Bodily Injury, and Property Damage. The following insurance coverage must also be in place:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance including Employer’s Liability Coverage as required by the State of Wisconsin
  • Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance for all owned vehicles, all non-owned vehicles, and all hired vehicles. Minimum $500,000 combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage each accident
  • Additional Insured: the certificate must name the City of Green Bay and the Redevelopment Authority as an Additional Insured for the project
  • Lead and Asbestos abatement coverage

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