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Purchasing Information

Green Bay Metro’s is committed to directly reducing the cost of government by promoting a responsible procurement process that ensures integrity, quality and efficiency for its internal agency customers as well as its business partners.

Green Bay Metro does not maintain a list of bidders. To ensure maximum competition the City of Green Bay Purchasing Department, advertises bids on DemandStar by ONVIA.

Contact Us

Questions pertaining to these bids can addressed by contacting:

  1. Thomas Walenski

Vendor Information

For general procurement information; please contact:

  • Phone: 920-448-3450
  • Fax: 920-448-3461

Sales visits are by appointment only.

Bid & Proposal Opportunities

There are no opening bids or proposals at this time.

Protest Procedures (PDF)

Required Clauses for Purchases From the City of Green Bay

By accepting a purchasing order from the City of Green Bay, the vendor agrees to the following applicable federally required clauses and certifications.