Use the Trip Planner

When using the Trip Planner you will have five options:

  1. Trip Planning - Planning a specific trip using an address and/or landmark.
  2. Route Schedules - Choose a route and see where all the bus stops are located along a specific route.
  3. Next Departures - See when the next bus will be departing from a specific bus stop.
  4. Landmarks - Search bus stops by a specific landmark.
  5. Stop Finder - Get specific bus information based on the stop number. (Stop number is found on the lower right hand corner of every bus stop sign).
Screenshot of Trip Planner Categories


When in any one of these categories in the picture provided, select the blue bar to start over.

Screenshot of Trip Planner Landmarks

Trip Planner Example

  1. Use all caps. Enter address or select a location from the Landmarks tab.
  2. Landmarks are popular destinations that are used to make planning the route easier.
  3. Determine when you want to depart or arrive and at what time.
  4. Select how to sort your trip options.
  5. Use the reverse button to plan your return
Screenshot of Route Schedule

Route Schedule

  • Select a route and direction.
  • Set a date and a time that you are looking for.
  • Select how you would like to view the schedule.
  • View the time points for each stop on the route.
  • Also view a map with the route and location of the stops.
  • Also the option to print out the schedule.