Forming a Neighborhood Association

Criteria for Recognition

To be officially recognized as a neighborhood association, these criteria must be met:

  • Geographical boundaries must be clearly defined.
  • Membership must be open to all residents within the boundaries.
  • A name must be agreed upon.
  • There must be a mission statement and purpose for the association.
  • There must be at least two public meetings, followed by a public annual meeting where a board of directors is elected by the neighborhood.
  • There must be a contact person for the association.


Funding for the association is provided by the Neighborhood Leadership Council. Monies are available to fledgling associations for start-up costs such as printing and meeting expenses.

Neighborhood Association Signs

The City of Green Bay Community and Economic Development Department has put together guidelines to assist neighborhoods in developing neighborhood association identification signage that enhances and contributes to Green Bay neighborhoods’ unique charm and beauty.

These guidelines are intended to encourage both sign design quality and creativity while complementing the character of each specific neighborhood they serve. By providing these guidelines, this document will help facilitate a speedy review and approval by assisting neighborhood associations to better understand the City’s approval process while meeting each neighborhood’s design expectations.

Neighborhood Association Sign Manual (PDF)