III. Level I Inappropriate Conduct on Buses

For any of the following inappropriate conduct on buses, persons will be given a first warning by the Bus Operator not to engage in the conduct. If further warning by the Bus Operator is necessary for failure of the passenger to comply, an Operation Supervisor may be contacted and may be called to the scene by the Bus Operator. The Supervisor is authorized to and may ask the passenger(s) to leave the bus. An individual who declines to leave a bus after being ordered to do so by the Operation Supervisor or designee is subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing and/or disorderly conduct. Continuous repeat infractions may result in exclusion from Metro buses for not less than 7 days or more than 6 months. See Section VI, Exclusion Procedure.

  • Refusing to vacate designated front seats and designated wheelchair areas in buses for senior citizens and people with disabilities when requested by those persons or by the driver on their behalf.
  • Eating or drinking with the exception of bus operators who have permission to do so when vehicles are not in motion.
  • Using an audio device (e.g. portable radio, tape, CD player, TV, etc.), unless such equipment is used with earphones so that sound is limited to person’s own listening only.
  • Standing in front of the standee line at the front of the bus near the driver’s seat.
  • Bringing any animal on buses un-caged, except working animals that assist those with disabilities.
  • Bringing on-board any large articles, packages, baggage, non-collapsible strollers or baby buggies which block the aisle and restrict the free movement of passengers.
  • Engaging in indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which such conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance.
  • This is not intended to prohibit ordinary conversation between passengers in normal conversational tones.
  • Having distracting conversations with Metro Bus Operators.
  • Engaging in unauthorized canvassing, selling, soliciting or distributing any material onboard buses.
  • Changing a child’s diaper.
  • Exhibiting inappropriate personal hygiene, i.e., an individual whose bodily hygiene is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other passengers.
  • Boarding unattended minors: children six years of age and under must be closely accompanied at all times by an older responsible individual.
  • Roller-skating, roller-blading, or skateboarding on buses.
  • Hanging or swinging from stanchions or other bus equipment with feet off the floor.
  • Hanging out, reaching out, or putting anything out of bus windows.
  • Willfully refusing to pay a fare, or show specific fare media to the bus operator.
  • Otherwise disorderly or inappropriate conduct which is inconsistent with the orderly and comfortable use of buses for their intended purpose.