Exterior Storage

Stored Vehicles

Vehicle(s) stored on a property must be licensed and operable. If the vehicles are not properly licensed and operable, then they must be stored inside or removed from the property. Vehicles that are not in compliance may be towed at the vehicle owners expense, and the property owner may be issued a citation.  Note:  A carport is NOT an enclosed building.

Parking on Grass

No motor vehicle shall be parked on the grass, except for Packer home games.  This applies to one- or two-family homes only.


Wood shall not be considered rubbish where it is stored for residential use under these terms and conditions:

  • Front Yard Storage: No firewood shall be permitted in a front yard as defined at 13.23(4), Green Bay Municipal Code.
  • Rear and Side Yard Storage: Firewood may be stored in a side or rear yard only in the following manner:
    • Stacking: All firewood shall be ranked and well stowed, with due regard to stability.
    • Height: Firewood stacks shall not be in excess of 4 feet in height unless such stack is adjacent to and amply supported by a fence or structure. Where the firewood is so supported, the stack shall not be in excess of 6 feet.
    • Setback: No firewood shall be permitted within 4 feet of an adjoining property line, unless the firewood is stored in a box or building (that setback is one foot).