Building Inspections

The Building Inspection portion of this Division issues building permits to customers and provides inspections of the work completed to ensure the project is compliant with City code. It also provides review/approval of site plans. Please contact our Building Inspection Division for more information. Access building permits here.

Plan Reviews

The City of Green Bay has been granted expanded plan review authority by the State of Wisconsin. The City can provide plan review for all projects requiring State Plan Review except for those plans requiring Department of Health Services (DHS) review and fire protection system approvals.

The City’s submittal requirements are the same as the State’s with minor differences. The State form SBD-118 is used for submittals. The lower fee table is used for calculating review fees, and the $100 submittal fee is collected by the City. The City does not accept electronic plans, and the City does not invoice fees. Fees for a plan review can be paid with cash, credit card (a 3.5% fee is applied), or by check (made out to the City of Green Bay).

Permit Applications

The City has two project permit applications. The short project permit application form is to be used for driveway expansions, yard sheds, and fences. The long project permit application form (PDF) shall be used for all other projects. All commercial projects shall use the long form.


Inspections are performed on the following projects:

  • Building: Footing, Foundation, Tar/Tile/Stone, Framing/Rough in, Insulation and Final
  • HVAC: Rough in and Final
  • Electrical: Service change, Rough in and Final
  • Plumbing: Sewer, Groundwork, Rough in and Final


To simplify and add efficiency to the scheduling process for contractors/permit holders, starting MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022, requests for Erosion Control pre-con meetings and inspections will ALL be processed through the Community and Economic Development Department. All requests are to be scheduled using our online Inspection Request Form or by calling 920-448-3300. Erosion Control scheduling will be under the direction of Paul Van Calster, Chief Building Official for the City. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 920-448-3300.


In compliance with SPS 382.21, the City of Green Bay will be requiring that all installations of sanitary sewers and interior drain, waste, and vent be tested and witnessed by the plumbing inspector(s).

In accordance with 382.21(1)(b)1.a., the plumber responsible for the installation shall notify the Inspection Division by phone or writing when the installation is ready for inspection. Please schedule your inspections using the link below or call 920-448-3300.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Plumbing Inspectors Pete Skogg or Jason Sladky.

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