Sportsmanship Scores

Sportsmanship Ratings

Each team will be given a sportsmanship score by the officials and site supervisor. The ratings will be based on the following criteria.

  • 5 - Normal Game: Questioning an umpire or referee on rule interpretation only. 
  • 4 - Some Static: Participants display disagreement/frustration with decisions of staff/umpire. Questioning of judgment/rules interpretation not presented in a respectful manner. Minor incidents of unsportsmanlike behavior towards opponents, spectators or staff. Examples include, but are not limited to, trash talk, cursing in any manner, publicly questioning an official's abilities, mocking the skill level of an opponent.
  • 3 - Difficulty: Repeated questions of judgment. Overly aggressive play -shoving, pushing, taunting, etc. Not abiding by alcohol policy.
  • 2 - Harassment: Players or spectators harassment of officials.
  • 1 - Ejection: Any ejection, whatever the cause.
  • 0 - Forfeit or Fight: Includes any threatening behavior towards staff, spectators, or participants. If involved in a fight, your team could be removed from the league for the remainder of the season. Teams play with ineligible players or withhold information when requested. Any damage or destruction to any school or City property.

Sportsmanlike Conduct

The City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department expects all participants and spectators to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. In order to continue to play in your league, a team must maintain an average sportsmanship rating of 4. An average sportsmanship score of less than 4 may warrant a team being asked to leave the league (upon discretion of Park and Recreation Supervisor). 

Following the game,officials, and site supervisors will evaluate team behavior and issue sportsmanship points to all teams. Teams in contention for playoffs or for winning the league championship may be ineligible if their season sportsmanship score is less than 4. These circumstances will be reviewed and decided upon in a case-by-case basis by the Park and Recreation staff. Team sportsmanship scores will be posted online weekly.