Program Overview

Paratransit is a mode of public transportation intended for people who cannot be served by Metro’s fixed route buses due to disabilities. 

Paratransit Green Bay Metro Bus

Service is more flexible in terms of scheduling and routing, is offered on a demand/response basis, and is usually provided by low capacity vehicles, such as vans or small buses.

Start-to-Finish / Origin-to-Destination

Green Bay Metro’s ADA Paratransit service is origin-to-destination transportation for people with disabilities who have been certified as unable to use Metro’s fixed route service for some or all trips. Green Bay Metro currently contracts with a private company to provide Paratransit services.


Obtain a ADA Paratransit Eligibility Form. Or, if you are already certified and wish to schedule or cancel a Paratransit trip, please call 920-448-3185.

Full ADA Paratransit Service Policy Document

ADA Paratransit Service Policy (PDF)

For more information please contact:

Paratransit Division
Phone: 920-448-3450
Fax: 920-448-3461