Liquor Sales

Chapter 33 (Tavern / Grocery Store / Gas Station, Etc)

Liquor sales in the City of Green Bay are regulated by the State of Wisconsin. All forms are taken from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Website. Read our Chapter 33 Ordinance on Alcohol and Beverage Licensing. 

Class "A" - Liquor Consumed Off Premises

  • Class "A" Beer: $250
  • "Class A" Liquor (including wine only): $250

Class "B" - Liquor Consumed on Premises

  • Class "B" Beer: $100
  • "Class B" Liquor and Beer Combination (Bar): $500

Temporary / Picnic Class "B" 

Class "C" Wine 

  • Strictly restaurants: $100


Procedure depends on the business entity applying for the license. The first step is to complete the paperwork and submit it to the Clerk's office. Applicant will need to meet with Green Bay Police Department to go over the business security plan. Call Lt. Steve Mahoney at 920-448-3208 to schedule an appointment. The application then goes to Commitee/Council for approval/denial contingent upon the approval of the Green Bay Inspection Department. To schedule an appointment with the Inspection department please call 920-448-3300. 

  1. Sole Proprietor/Individual
  2. Partnerships / Corporations/ & LLC

Sole Proprietor / Individual

Forms include:

  • Copy of lease or offer of purchase for establishment
  • Proof of successfully completed DOR-approved responsible beverage server training course (or show applicant has held an operator's license or was agent of an establishment within the past two years in the state of Wisconsin).
  • Copy of government issued photo ID of applicant
  • Statement of Intent (PDF)
  • Liquor Auxiliary Questionnaire (PDF) 
  • Original Liquor License (PDF)
  • Security Plan and License Stipulation (PDF) 
  • Copy of Wisconsin Seller's Permit
  • Surrender Form (PDF)  If applying for a license at a location without a current alcohol license, please reach out to the Clerk's office.
  • Floor Plans (Handwritten are acceptable, each page should be 1 floor with a separate drawing of the outdoor premise if applicable)
  • Picture of outdoor premises if applicable.


  • Class "A" or "B" Fee plus $25 Publication Fee

Additional Forms

Retail Lic Transfer-Premise to Premise (bar-same owner moves across street)
Retail Lic Transfer-Person to Person (see form for examples)