Picnic Permit

The Clerk’s Office issues picnic permits for the event. A picnic permit is a temporary license that may be granted and issued to (1) Bona fide clubs. (2) State, county, or local fair associations, or agricultural societies. (3) Churches, lodges, or societies that have been in existence for at least 6 months prior to the date of application. (4) Posts of veterans organizations. (5) Chambers of commerce or similar civic or trade organizations organized under ch. 181, Wis. Stats. 

Types of Licenses

Temporary Class "B" license to sell fermented malt beverages at picnics or similar gatherings under s. 125.26(6), Wis. Stats. (there is no limit to how many a municipality may issue).

A Temporary "Class B" license to sell wine at picnics or similar gatherings under s. 125.51(10), Wis. Stats. (Not more than 2 wine licenses may be issued to any club, county or local fair association, agricultural association, church, lodge, society, chamber of commerce or similar civic or trade organization or veterans' post in any 12 month period.) 

To File

Review the 4.3 Picnic License Fact Sheet

File the Picnic Permit (PDF) with the Clerk's Office (by mail or in-person) at least 5 days prior to the event for Class "B" Beer licenses or at least 15 calendar days prior to the event for "Class B" Wine Licenses. 

Pay the $10 license fee per event

Applications are reviewed and upon approval, a license will be mailed.

Wine Walks

The Department of Revenue has compiled a fact sheet regarding the issuance of wine and beer walks: https://www.revenue.wi.gov/DOR%20Publications/3109Wine-BeerWalks.pdf