Diversity in Our Community

This initiative embraces the diversity in our great city. It is our hope that community members can see Green Bay as a welcoming city to work, live, and enjoy the natural beauty. If you wish to learn more about our diverse community, you are looking for resources about diversity or you are simply looking for a way to get involved, please see the Green Bay Multicultural Center website and University of Green Bay's MultiEthnic Student Affairs page.

Working to Improve Neighborhoods (WIN)

This initiative is an effort to make our neighborhoods safer for its residents while creating a stronger tax base for the balance of the city by elevating home values and reducing cost of basic services of near downtown neighborhoods. This initiative was intended to enhance the Community Policing Program, introduce a CSI team, and a NAT team.

Community Service Interns (CSI)

This program is committed to bridge the connection between city government and the neighborhoods. CSI’s work with police, planning, and parks to provide neighborhood based public services in a friendly and customer service oriented manner.

Nuisance Action Team (NAT)

The goal of this team is to address public nuisance properties. The members of this team are from the inspection and neighborhood divisions, police, and law departments.

If you have a concern please call the City Hall main line at 920-448-3000, or email the Mayor.

As an entrepreneur himself, Mayor Schmitt identifies with challenges and rewards of business ownership. In an effort to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the community, he became the driving force behind the first Green Bay Area Entrepreneur’s Connection Conference. The Entrepreneur’s Connection is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to start, acquire and grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to access financial, educational and logistical resources, as well as interact with potential mentors.

Downtown & Waterfront Revitalization

Importance of a Beautiful Waterfront

Mayor Jim Schmitt proclaimed in his first speech to the Common Council one of his goals was to make our downtown vital once again. He sees our City becoming a “Postcard” city - a city with an eye for beauty both in our buildings and our natural areas. One way that this is being accomplished is to transform the waterfront into a historic waterway making it a center of activity. By locating shops and eateries facing the river and incorporating walkways, piers and plaza, the riverfront will become a year round attraction.

Connecting Areas

More specifically, the Mayor’s vision ties the river's edge to Washington Street with a grid street pattern that invites visitors to enjoy community events along the water’s edge and experience a new urban shopping environment. The adopted concept overwhelmingly embraced by community leaders ties the river's edge to Washington Street with a paver-brick style, hard surface, gently sloping shoreline.

Urban Beach & Other Plans

The plan calls for the creation of an “urban beach” which rests a series of large platforms / boardwalks that create unique activity areas at the water's edge as well as upon the shore. Each boardwalk will have its own identity that will draw people to the riverfront and serve as an excellent location for year round functions and gatherings. Incorporated into the proposed riverfront design are significant architecturally integrated mixed-use buildings providing restaurants, hotel rooms, condos and office space making the area bustling year-round both day and night. On the south end the plan includes a signature building creating a new skyline icon, followed to the north by the new Nicolet Bank Building, approved Riverfront Loft Condominiums, a redeveloped Younkers’ and Admiral Flately Park site.

Storefronts & Venues

East of the river, the redevelopment concept recommends returning the grid-street pattern that will be the fundamental driver creating a high profile storefront development on the resulting development sites nestled beneath a community of brownstone / townhouse buildings. The plan also envisions the west bank of the Fox River as a soft-edge compliment to the active hard edged east shore that completes the “civic theater” between the two bridges. The waterfront development is not confined to just downtown, but all of Green Bay’s shoreline. This exciting new venue, unique to the City of Green Bay, invites guests to experience all that the downtown has to offer.

Waterfront Redevelopment

A conceptual plan intended to provide a vision for an enhanced waterfront will be prepared. The plan will address underutilized areas of Green Bay’s waterfront for redevelopment to create a vibrant and self-sustaining water’s edge. The Plan elements section will define recommendations that attempt to re-energize the waterfront into a local as well as a regional attraction.
The goal of the plan is to strengthen Green Bay’s waterfront to allow for high-density developments and expanded recreation and open space opportunities, while recognizing current waterfront uses to improve Green Bay’s image and attractiveness for investment and overall community quality of life. Further study and public input will be required to determine the feasibility and vision of the community.