Open Data

Open Data Records

open data icon - Open Data Portal Opens in new windowVisit the open data portal to query by parcel ID or address to view:  

  • parcel maps
  • police calls
  • assessor information
  • assessment records
  • photos
  • inspection records
  • building project records
  • sanitation pickup day
  • neighborhood
  • policing district

Inspection Records

open data icon - Inspection Records Opens in new window

Find inspections information on: 

  • housing & zoning inspections 
  • building project records

Municipal Court Records
open data icon - Municipal Court Opens in new window

This website provides access to certain public records of Green Bay Municipal Court from January 1, 2004 to present and is updated each week on Thursday. The Court makes every effort to publish accurate information. Fines can be paid on line by credit card at the GovPayNet website and reference Pay Location Code 1339.

Interactive Parcel Map

open data icon - Interactive Map Opens in new windowFind information on any parcel within the limits of the City of Green Bay with this interactive map.

Police Call Inquiry

open data icon - Police  Opens in new windowSearch incident reports by address.

Request for Service

open data icon - Request for Service Opens in new windowRequest City services for the following:

  • inspections
  • sanitation
  • sewer
  • parking
  • recreation
  • information technology
  • streets
  • sidewalks
  • traffic
  • parks
  • trees