Requests for Proposals

The City of Green Bay has allocated $60,000.00 of its 2022 CDBG funding to assist with activities that will support neighborhood stabilization activities in the City of Green Bay. Funds may be used by non-profit organizations for a range of eligible activities that support social cohesion and crime prevention. The proposed activities must meet the National Objective as required by CDBG regulation: Benefit low and moderate income persons.

The City of Green Bay is looking for the following types of Neighborhood Stabilization activities:

  • Increase/support crime prevention programs
  • Increase/support art and beautification activities
  • Increase/support community gardens for food security to LMI families and households
  • Cleanup abandoned lots and buildings.
  • Activities/Programs that will build social capital and improve the social cohesion of an eligible area/population.

To apply, please complete the RFP here. Any questions specific to the RFP should be directed to Thomas J. Walenski, Procurement Manager.

  1. Procurement Manager (Thomas J. Walenski)

    Purchasing Department

    Fax: 920-448-3050
    Address: 100 North Jefferson St. Room 101 Green Bay, WI 54301