Young man stocking fish

Help us keep a clean and safe environment for fishing, other wildlife, and people!

No ice fishing is allowed.

Fishing Etiquette

For Catch & Release

Fish you wish to release should be handled very carefully and with wet hands. If fish is deeply hooked, cut the line as close to the hook as possible and then let it go. The hook will dissolve inside the fish.

General Guidelines

  • Please put fishing line in garbage or proper containers. Ducks, geese, other birds and other animalGoose Foot Severed by Fishing Lines can get tangled in the lines.
  • Please put empty bait containers and other garbage in the garbage cans.
  • Please do not use lead fishing weights.
  • Please remember to pick up and recover loose lines, hooks, bobbers, etc…
  • Wild animals become tangled and hurt when these items are left behind.

This goose became tangled in a wad of loose fishing line, which eventually severed its foot. This poor creature was dragging its severed foot behind it. If you look closely, you can see that the lines were in the process of cinching off the remaining foot as well.

Fishing Information Urban Fishing Program NR 20.33(2)

Fishing Regulations

  • Juveniles 15 years of age and younger and disabled only
  • (Ch.-29.193 (3) (a)(b)(c) Disabled adult required to have Wisconsin fishing license andx-ray of fish hook in loon trout stamp if fishing for trout
  • No size limit
  • No closed season (see ordinance below)
  • Daily bag limit 3 trout
  • Daily bag limit 1 game fish (bass)
  • Daily bag limit 10 pan fish (bluegills).

For more fishing regulation information visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

City Ordinance

  • Shoreline fishing only (no watercraft, boats, canoes, tubes, wading, etc.)
  • No ice activities allowed (no ice fishing, skating, walking)
  • Please pick up loose line, bobbers, hooks, etc..

Manger Lagoon

Originally excavated between 1938 and 1941 by the National Youth Administration and Work Project Administration the 55 acre lagoon system had become badly silted in.

Starting in 2006, a 3 phase restoration effort was started in a section of the lagoons. Renamed the "Manger Lagoon" in recognition of the Manger family's generous gift, 60,000 cubic yards of sediment was removed; a high capacity well was added and finally a waterfalls recirculation system was created.

With the aquatic habitat restored, the urban fishing program is available to children under 16, the handicapped and elderly through the generous fish stocking donations of Don and Rick Renard and the Green Bay Area Great Lakes Sports Fishermen.