Long Range Fiscal Strength and Sustainability

Building - City Hall

The Mayor and Common Council approved the 2023 Budget (PDF) and use of American Rescue Plan Act ("ARPA") funds to assist in capital and operational needs. The allocation of the ARPA funds was decided by the Common Council thanks to the community feedback we received through the Mayor’s ARPA survey and the Mayor’s town hall budget meetings.

You can view the 2022 Combined Property Taxes Report (PDF) to see a summary of how your property taxes support local government services.

Each year the City of Green Bay has a thorough audit of its accounting and internal financial processes to ensure the City is compliant with state and federal laws. You may view the 2021 Comprehensive Report (PDF) online and the 2022 Comprehensive Report will be published later in 2023.

The City has a five year capital improvement plan to help coordinate and strategize the City’s capital and infrastructure needs with the available City resources to fund those projects. The capital improvement plan is a roadmap to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the City’s equipment, vehicle, infrastructure, and capital needs to ensure the City has the appropriate capital in place to provide services to the community.

In 2021, the Common Council approved a priority based budgeting software and system for the City to use to allocate City resources based on the programs and services the City provides. Priority Based Budgeting provided by Resource X has been considered a best practice for local government budgeting from leading professional associations who credential and educate local government practitioners. This program will help provide more transparency and a better understanding of how taxpayer dollars are spent based on the services the City provides to the public.