City of Green Bay Key Strategies and Initiatives


The City of Green Bay: Champions of Community, Livability, and Opportunity. 


The City of Green Bay is a proud community dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents and businesses through asset management and investment in strategic growth. 

Key Strategies

  1. Balanced and Equitable Community Development 
    1. Equitably leverage our community’s assets to attract and connect businesses, residents, and visitors. 
    2. Develop high quality, accessible housing options at all price-points and in all areas of the City. 
    3. Invest in essential public safety services in ways that are responsive to community needs. 
  2. Employee Recruitment and Engagement 
    1. Build a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce. 
    2. Focus on employee training and development. 
    3. Offer maximal autonomy and flexibility to all employees at all levels. 
  3. Customer Service 
    1. Provide inclusive, accessible, and responsive services to all residents and businesses. 
    2. Driven by service excellence 
  4. 21st Century Infrastructure 
    1. Repair and maintain existing roads and infrastructure. 
    2. Install innovative, resilient systems and services to meet the current and future needs of our community. 
  5. Long Range Fiscal Strength and Sustainability 
    1. Identify and support internal and external policies that meet the long term fiscal needs of the City while recognizing the limits of property taxpayers.
    2. Communicate with the citizenry our compliance with all policies, laws, and procedures, earning recognition as trusted stewards of taxpayer dollars.