Hydro Helpers

The Hydro’s Helpers Program is designed to actively involve your child in helping firefighters, your neighbors, and your community. By agreeing to help care for a hydrant during the winter months, you will help save the Fire Department precious minutes during a fire. The program is intended to keep the child’s interest throughout the winter months, and your child’s efforts will be rewarded in the summer with a certificate of completion. The helper will also be invited to a ice cream social; event details to come at a later date.


Hints, Safety Tips, & Guidelines

  1. Each child should be responsible for one hydrant.
  2. To the best of his/her ability, the child should clear (generally with parent participation):
    • Approximately a 3-4 foot circle around the hydrant and a 3 foot path to the street. 
    • This should only be done on quiet, residential streets and also be done with parent supervision. 
  3. Report the following to the Green Bay Water Utility:
    • Caps missing or broken
    • Water leaking from your hydrant
      1. For City of Green Bay residents call
        • Green Bay Water Utility (920) 448-3480
      2. For Village of Allouez residents call:
        • Allouez Water Department; Water Utility (920) 448-2808
      3. For Village of Bellevue residents call:
        • Bellevue Water Department; Water Utility (920) 468-5225
  4. Hydrants will be monitored to be sure your child is a good caretaker.
  5. Do not step into the road while clearing a hydrant; have an adult help you if the plow piles are too high.
  6. If the hydrant you are adopting is across the street, an adult should accompany the child for safety reasons. 
  7. If the hydrant is not on your property, be sure to ask your neighbor’s permission first! 

**Never step onto the street while shoveling the hydrant. It is best to wear bright clothes!**


  • Must live within the City of Green Bay or Village of Allouez or Village of Bellevue
  • Any child that is 17 years old or younger can participate in this program.

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