ARPA Recovery Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Survey

Mayor Genrich and the Common Council of the City of Green Bay requested your feedback on the use of $23.7 million for our community.

The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) was signed into law on March 11, 2021, and will deliver $350 billion to eligible state, local, territorial, and tribal governments to aid in the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 emergency. In addition to the eligible funding objectives outlined below, the City will use a portion of the ARPA funds based on a calculation of the revenue lost due to COVID-19 to strengthen and support the provision of City services. 

The federal government will provide half of the ARPA funds in 2021, and the balance in 2022. The City will have until December 31, 2024 to obligate these funds and must spend them all by 2026.  

Funding Objectives

The federal legislation, which was adopted by Congress, has offered this relief to state and local governments, allowing us the City to offer much-needed relief in the following ways:

Addressing Negative Economic Impacts

  • Respond to small business and/or hardest hit industries in low-to-moderate census tracts.

Providing Infrastructural Investments in Eligible Categories

  • Make necessary investments in local capital improvements such as stormwater and drinking water.

ARPA Activity as of FY2023

Capital Needs & Organizational Priorities

File #Request AmountProject ScopStatus / Expensed
2-6-001$1,500,000.00RoadsApproved /      
1-4-004$84,407.50Premium PayApproved/ Completed
2-7-008$29,570.00Conference room upgrades and enhancements for zoom/ hybrid meetings.Approved/ 
5-3-209$300,000.00Project 1 is the installation of 64 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) systems 
Project 2 is the replacement of all SCHOOL SPEED LIMIT 15 WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT signs on collector/arterial streets with BlinkerRadar Driver Feedback systems.   
Approved/ Awarded    
10-7-003$18,000.00Single audits for FY22-25Approved/ Awarded
3-7-001$182,000.00Salary, indirect costs for Administrator of GrantApproved/ 
10-6-001$655,000.00FY22 one time purchases needed that are not able because of lossed revenue Approved/ Completed 
2-3-002$307,316.25Body Cameras- CIP list (year 2)Approved/ Completed 
9-2-015$100,000.00Spanish translator person or service to translate documents. Requested $79,411 for 3 yearsApproved/      State contract
10-6-205$125,000.00Upgrade Chamber microphones and enhance the capability of hybrid meetings.Approved/ Awarded/  
10-6-006$500,000.00Replace Datacenter at City Hall and Disaster Recovery SiteApproved/ Awarded     
6-6-201$80,000.00Scanning about 54  4-drawer file cabinet of old construction documents, permit data, variances, utility info , violations, orders, etc. for all the addresses in the City.               (requested $80,000 quote came in at 45,000)Approved/ Awarded      
5-2-210$800,000.00Purchase or renovate 2 new rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park to replace two rides that were recently removed.  AApproved/ Awarded
5-2-211               5-2-212$1,450,000.00Historic main pavilion renovations  Approved/ Design
9-3-202$300,000.00Green Bay Comprehensive Plan Update, Consultant, $200,000 for creation of updated plan document, and $100,000 to help implement high priority recommendations as adopted by the City Council.  Approved/ 
6-6-202$210,000.00CybersecurityApproved/  Completed
6-1-204$25,000.00Fire Station(s) size and location analysis done to know future costs of combining the 2 stations to one, at a new location. Programming/Space Needs and Conceptual Design Approved/ Awarded
6-1-205$1,000,000.00Purchase fire houses (station 1 & 3) landApproved 
11-6-202$263,055.00FY23 Body Cam paymentApproved/ Completed 
11-6-203$43,400.00FY23 Fire- clothing Approved / Completed
11-6-204$20,000.00FY23 Fire- mattressesApproved 
11-6-205$390,000.00FY23 COLA (April change)  various departmentsApproved / $195,000

11-6-206$24,000.00FY23 Equipment ReplaceApproved /
11-6-207$36,000.00FY23 Parks New Equipment  Approved /   
11-6-208$13,900.00FY23 Parks New Equipment  218630--55101-83098Approved /      
7-2-209$250,000.00Flooded home grantsApproved /
7-2-211$300,000.003-year Director of Urban Planning and Design positionApproved/ 
1-6-301$40,000.00Email CybersecurityApproved/ Completed
1-6-303$538,480.00FY23 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Plan Bonding - to reduce overall borrowingApproved /

Economic Impact

File #Request AmountProject ScopeStatus/ Expensed
9-2-214$180,000.00GBACC Staff This 3-year role would serve as central engagement for small business services in Green Bay,  build a directory for community use, develop a report on the small business needs of the impacted population and play a match maker to City and Chamber servicesApproved       
2-2-003$1,000,000.00Commercial Façade Improvement Grants Provides competitive funding to renovate or restore the exterior facade of commercial properties located in Facade Grant Eligible AreasApproved/
2-2-004$40,000.00GBACC Accelerator program located in the Urban Hub provides entrepreneurs of color with mentorship, technology training and the opportunity to secure seed funding via two focused cohorts (an idea session and a market validation session).Approved/ Completed/ 
2-3-207$1,500,000.00Gap financing for development of affordable housing  Suppliment housing funding: Tax Increment District Affordable Housing (TIDAH), or HOME funds; help to fill the gapApproved/ 
5-2-201$500,000.00The HILP Program offers property owners at or below 80% of median income, an interest free, pay it back when you move or sell loan to make home improvements to their properties. Approved /
5-2-202$500,000.00Curb Appeal Program is a program set up for property owners to complete exterior improvements to their properties, specifically items that aren’t eligible under the City’s HOME funded rehab programs.Approved/  
5-2-203$250,000.00Great Being Home homeownership program serving employees of participating Green Bay employers. Approved /
5-2-213$90,000.00GGBCF Homelessness Staff Funding implements the preventing homelessness blueprintApproved/ Awarded
7-2-219$60,000.003-year PT LTE position with Neighborhoods division of Community Development DeptApproved/ 
5-5-001$1,000,000.00E. Seymour Park Stormwater featureApproved/ 
7-5-001$60,000.00Green Project residential properties & non-profits: Rain barrels, rain gardens, shade/ stormwater trees/ bushesApproved/
7-5-218$920,000.00Stormwater Grant Program for Private, Large Scale needs to catalyze developmentApproved 
7-5-201$250,000.00Nicolet Storm water runoff  Brown County partnership to develop and implementApproved 
9-1-008$88,000.00GBPD Recruit and retention effortsApproved/      
9-2-009$35,000.00Lot Cop/Law Enforcement Surveillance TrailerApproved/ Completed
5-1-205$148,100.00Fence at Police DepartmentApproved/ Awarded  
9-2-006$314,000.00NIBIN Police Department database Approved/ Completed
9-1-001$126,500.00Violence reduction strategy. Consultant to create an Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) Approved       Awarded/
9-3-004$150,000.00Neighborhood Association support/ mini-grantsApproved/ 
9-2-007$151,000.00License Plate Reader recognition system.  Approved       Awarded/  
5-1-206$25,000.00Roof Replacement for Community Violence Intervention buildingApproved       Awarded/ 
5-1-208$22,000.001.11 Community Violence Intervention    Requesting at least two (2) Speed Boards Approved/ Completed 
2-2-005$75,000.00The three active farmers markets Events are: Saturday Farmers Market, Farmers Market on Broadway and the Market on Military.Approved/ Completed    
2-2-006$250,000.00Competitive Tourism Grant provide direct operating and marketing assistance grants to organizations that host and operate existing or new tourism eventsApproved/ 
6-2-203$500,000.00Snow Guns Baird Creek Triangle Hill is a City owned Tube, Ski and Snowboard ParkApproved/
6-2-211$150,000.00Arts Grants ProgramApproved/
6-2-212$50,000.00Rotating Arts ProgramApproved/
7-2-215$25,000.00Shipyard District Inc.Approved/
7-6-212$1,000,000.00RDA to strategically acquire vacant parcelsApproved/
12-6-201$1,000,000.00Park ProjectsApproved/
7-5-204$520,000.00Baird Creek - Burgundy Ct, Surface Water Sediment Control ProjectApproved/
7-5-205$200,000.00Bairds Creek Christa McAuliffe Park, Surface Water Sediment Control ProjectApproved/
11-6-201$353,400.00PD OverhireApproved/
2-2-003$300,000.00Increase Facade ProjectApproved/
2-2-006$200,000.00Increase Tourism ProjectApproved/
1-1-302$100,000.00Daycare License Support - Funding to support individuals in obtaining inhouse childcare license fees.Approved/

View the original Resolution Adopting the City's Plan for Expenditure of Funds Received Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 from the December 7, 2021 meeting of the Common Council. 

View the First Amendment to the Resolution Adopting the City's Plan for Expenditure of Funds Received Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 from the December 20, 2022 meeting of the Common Council.

The City of Green Bay was allocated $23,695,516 through the American Rescue Plan Act.  These Fiscal Recover Funds (FRF) are being sent in 2 payments (tranches).  We have received the first payment only so the spending is based on half of the total allocation.

Approved Projects as of August 2023

Capital Needs & Organizational Priorities$10,099,608.75
Economic Impact$12,683,000.00

Completed Projects Total

CompletedAmountProject Savings
Capital Needs & Organizational Priorities7$1,517,691.95$7,338,067.80
Economic Impact7$506.698.99$11.826,425.84