Internet Purchase Exchange Location

Internet Purchase Exchange Location SignThe Green Bay Police Department is happy to announce we have created an "Internet Purchase Exchange Location" in the parking lot of the East Side Community Policing Center. The parking lot is adjacent to 315 S Baird Street, The East Side Community Policing Center is the designated location for residents to meet potential buyers or sellers for items purchased online. Although the City of Green Bay is a safe community to live in, the Green Bay Police Department is always looking for ways to improve safety in the community we live in.

The Internet Purchase Exchange Location signs were donated by the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association. For more crime prevention tips, we encourage you to go to the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association website.

Video Surveillance

This parking lot is under video surveillance 24 hours a day (no audio) and is clearly posted. We encourage all residents to use this location when purchasing or selling items online. By offering this location to the citizens of Green Bay, it creates a safe, well-lit, monitored area which improves the security of in-person transactions. The video surveillance recordings can also be utilized if the legitimacy of a transaction is ever questioned. This video can be retrieved and utilized in future investigations by officers.