Green Bay patrol officer and citizenThe backbone of the Green Bay Police Department (GBPD) is made up of its patrol officers. While many other specialty areas may receive more attention, it is the men and women on patrol that interact with and serve the community every day.

Calls For Service

Each year GBPD patrol officers respond to or self-initiate well over 80,000 calls for service in the City of Green Bay. That is an average of 219 calls for service per day and equals almost 1 call for service per resident of the city. 

Although call volumes spike during the warmer weather, the patrol officers handle at least 3,000 calls per month, even in the cold and snow of winter.


Patrol officers are responsible for:

  • Enforcement of local ordinances and state laws
  • Investigating reportable traffic crashes
  • Police protection of the city
  • Responding to calls for service
  • Traffic enforcement and monitoring traffic problems

Community Service Functions

In addition to regular duties, patrol is still able to perform a number of community service functions, such as assisting other city and private contracting groups that require temporary traffic control, funeral escorts, and public relations appearances.

Operation & Staffing

The city is divided into 4 patrol districts, two on each side of the Fox River. At least three officers patrol each district. Each police unit is equipped with Automatic Defibrillator Units (AEDs) and each officer carries Narcan, a reversal drug for someone experiencing a deadly opiate overdose.

Operating Shifts

Patrol operates around the clock, covered by five shifts of officers working various rotations:

  • Early day shift
  • Mid-day shift
  • Afternoon shift
  • Evening shift
  • Night shift

By having these shifts and their respective overlaps, coverage is provided on a continuous basis 24 hours per day.

Shift Oversight

Captain Clint Beguhn ( currently oversees each of these shifts, while a total of 3 Lieutenants, and 15 Sergeants assist with the daily operations of each shift.

Vehicle Maintenance & Special Events

Within the Operation Division, Lieutenant Mike Sobieck works with three mechanics, ensuring our fleet of 30 marked police cars and many other miscellaneous vehicles, and in safe operating condition for the patrolling needs within the city. 

He also coordinates various special events, traffic grants and other community needs as they arise.

  1. CB

    Clint Beguhn

    Patrol Captain