Honor Guard

Honor Guard September 2021The Green Bay Police Department Honor Guard currently consists of 16 members from the Green Bay Police Department. These members come from all different areas of the department.

The purpose of the Honor Guard is to honor and support fallen members of law enforcement; nationally, throughout the state of Wisconsin and in our local area of Green Bay. The Honor Guard also exist to pay respects to the nations colors.


The Honor Guard will be present at many events for example; sporting events, and parades carrying the flag of the United States, our state flag and sometimes the department and city flag. By presenting the colors we are paying respect to our nation’s values and the pride for which Americans believe in and stand for.

Giving Homage

The Honor Guard gives homage at funerals of fallen law enforcement, by being pall bearers, presenting our nations flag to the family of the fallen and providing a 21 gun salute to those that have dedicated their lives to a cause greater then themselves and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while in the line of duty.Green Bay Police Department Honor Guard