Diversity & Inclusion Pride Team

     Welcome to The Green Bay Police Department’s Pride page! We are enthusiastic to share that The Green Bay Police Department’s Pride Team was formed in July of 2019. The department collaborated to form the Pride Team with the intention of taking an additional measure to ensure that we are doing everything possible to be inclusive and welcoming to people within our community.


     We are happy to share that in 2019, we worked with UWGB’s Pride Center https://www.uwgb.edu/pride-center/   to bring training to the Green Bay Police Department. It is our goal to inform police officers of the concerns, needs and wants of the LGBTQ community and we plan to have this be an on-going conversation. 

      In 2020, the Green Bay Police Department implemented a policy on interactions with transgender, intersex and/or gender non-conforming (TGIN) persons. The purpose of this policy is to treat all persons with courtesy and dignity that is inherently due to every person as a human being.  

The Green Bay Police Department is dedicated to ensuring that all members in the LGBTQ community feel welcome, a sense of belonging and safe in our presence. We are also intentional about being considerate of individual needs and wants regarding how people want to be identified and we strive to use people’s self-identified pronouns and their preferred name.

We are asking officers to do the following:  

  • Ask people for their preferred names,
  • Ask people for their pronouns
  • How they identify 
  • Work to have a positive interaction.

 We understand how valuable the officer/person contact is.   We want to start out on a positive note and ensure all people feel welcome and accepted in the Green Bay community. We are asking for your assistance in helping officers by providing this information so together we can work and live in this great community. 

 We look forward to working with you and seeing you at community events in the greater Green Bay area. Please contact Commander Warych for any questions, comments, or concerns that the Green Bay Police Department may assist you with.

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    Kevin Warych

    Operations Commander

Interactions with LGBTQ policy

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