Safe Walk & Bike Plan

The Safe Walk & Bike Plan was a collaborative effort between the City and Green Bay Area Public School District, meant to capture both a Safe Routes to School plan and a Bicycle & Pedestrian plan. Through an extensive year-long process, this plan was created to show opportunities in the "5 E's": Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. Find the final plan and attachments here:

FINAL Safe Walk & Bike Plan
Sidewalk Network Map
Bike Network Map
Sidewalk Network Prioritization Map
Bike Network Prioritization Map

As part of the implementation of the Safe Walk & Bike Plan, we will be installing Rectanguler Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) througout the City! RRFBs allow a pedestrian to temporary stop traffic by pressing a button that flashes light at drivers, signally them to stop at the present crosswalk. They are proven to increase safety and yield rates; a recent study shows RRFBs can improve driver yield rates up to 96% and reduce crashes by 47%.

While there are a few across the community, we will be installing 64 additional beacons over the next few years. The below map shows the future locations, as well as locations that have been added as part of this project. 

How to use an RRFB (image). 

A working group has been assembled to actively work on the implementation of this plan. This working group represents a variety of stakeholders, including city staff, school district staff, non-profit agencies, and elected officials. All updates from this working group and their meeting minutes are posted below.

  1. Minutes
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