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Baird Creek Greenway – Mountain Bike Trail Improvements

Address: 500 Beverly Rd.
Status: In Design
Cost: $100,000

The mountain bike trail system in the Baird Creek Greenway has the potential to be a regional attraction if some funding can be invested into the trail system.  To date all of the trail maintenance has only come from a combination of the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation and the Baird Creek Mountain Bike Group.  Recently the City Council passed a resolution committing the City to fund this project as a match to a donation to the Bike Skills Course. Funding has been received. 

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary - ADA Ramp Construction

Address: 1660 East Shore Dr.
Status: In Design
Cost: $30,000

This proposed ADA accessible walk will connect the proposed parking lot expansion to the Dick Resch & Family Learning and Conservation Center.  This walk will allow for a safer route to the new addition from the parking lot, which will be used primarily by the 4k families for pick up and drop off to access the Oak Learning Center.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary – Walk-In Freezer Replacements

Address: 1660 E. Shore Dr.
Status: In Design
Cost: $30,000

There are several walk-in freezers that are used to store feed for the animals at the facility.  One of which needs replacement. This funding will cover the cost of the freezer and the installation of it.

Colburn – 9th Street Parking Lot Replacement

Address: 901 S. Fisk Street
Status: In Design
Cost: $200,000

There are several parking lots throughout the park system that need total replacement.  This lot was installed over 30 years ago and is in need of a total replacement. 

Fisk Park - Tennis Court Colorcoating

Address: 995 Dousman St.
Status: In Design
Cost: $70,000

This facility was constructed in 2006.  The colorcoating surface is in need of replacement in order to keep it usable as a tournament facility for West High School.  It is estimated to cost a total of $140,000 with the School District funding ½ of the cost.

Park Shop – Old Shop Roof Replacement

Address: 919 Crocker St.
Status: In Design
Cost: $100,000

The shingles and rubber membrane on this roof has reached its lifespan.  If the roofing is not replaced there is the possibility of water damage to the building structure, which will in turn add to the cost to repair these roofs in future years.  There are currently leaks that we are not able to patch.

Perkins Park - New Baseball Field

Address: 600 N. Fisk St.
Status: In Design
Cost: $450,000

With the development of the Phase 1 ballfield development at Colburn Park, one baseball field was removed at Colburn.  There is now a shortage of baseball fields in the City.  This funding will convert one little league field to a baseball field, which will give us a 2 baseball field complex at Perkins Park.  This will accommodate adult and/or sanctioned leagues. In addition this will move the hockey rinks that will be affected by this update to the facility.

Please contact Kaurie Mihm, Park Planner, with any questions: (920) 448-3382 or