Traffic Division

The Department of Public Works – Traffic Division installs and maintains all traffic signals, traffic-related signs and pavement markings within the corporate limits of Green Bay. The Traffic Division coordinates the installation and maintenance of street lights for the City. The Traffic Division is separated into four (4) sections as follows: Engineering, Electrical, Signing and Marking and Communications.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

City of Green Bay residents have expressed concern about speeding and cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods.  In response to public interest, the City has developed and adopted a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) defines “traffic calming” as “the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior and improve conditions for non-motorized street users”. The City of Green Bay also expands this definition to include non-physical measures such as educational programs and enhanced enforcement.

Neighborhood traffic calming measures are an attempt to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety and preserve neighborhood character and livability. There are many traffic calming devices available to achieve this effect.  The specific and considered measures are described in more detail in the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy. These measures can generally be used to address problems with speeding, cut-through traffic, increased volume and safety. When a traffic calming measure is implemented successfully, it is effective and self enforcing.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy Flow Chart
Petition Form

Seasonal Roadway Weight Restrictions

Other than the weight restrictions and axle load limits enforceable under State Statute, the City of Green Bay does not impose additional seasonal weight limits on its city streets during the spring thaw.  We do, however, suspend the authorization of any overweight permits during this time.  This is due to the unstable condition of the roadway sub-grade.  We follow the Wisconsin Department of Transportation timetable for the expiration of this restriction.  Normally, the weight restriction begins the second week in March and expires in late April or early May.  However, the dates change each year based on seasonal conditions.  For the current year timetable, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.



Changes in Parking Zones and Intersection Control

We receive many requests per year for changes in on-street parking zones and for changes in intersection control such as new locations for stop signs and signals. These types of changes are established through an action by City Council. Such recommendations are placed to City Council by the Traffic, Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission. The Traffic, Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission normally meets at 5:30 PM on the 4th Monday of each month in Room 310, City Hall. In order for a request to be heard by the Traffic, Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission, they should be made by an alderperson. If you need the contact information for your alderperson, see the City of Green Bay Common Council information page.

Special Events

If you are coordinating a special event and require street-related services such as barricading or street sweeping, DPW-Traffic Division will work with you on the details of your needs. All initial special event coordination is handled through the City Safety Manager in Risk Management 920.448.3125 or see their website.